I spend a lot of time thinking about growth, healing, and connection. Here on my blog, I share information and points of action you can take to build awareness, promote communication, and cultivate joy in your life and relationships.

You'll also find a curated selection of books, social media accounts, and other resources that I've read, follow, and recommend. I encourage you to explore these and to let me know which you find most compelling. As always, if you're ready to delve deeper through counseling, I encourage to reach out and connect with me.

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recommended resources

Client Recommendations I’ve Enjoyed
Dr. Justin Puder
Britt Frank
Carrie Rigoni
Dr. Heidi
Dr. Laura Anderson
Dr. Michele L Blume
Stan Tatkin
Dr. Gabor Maté
Dr. Justine Grosso
Hillary L McBride
Nate Postlethwait
Dr. Mona Masood
Whitney Goodman
Béa Gonzalez
Stacy Nakell
Christine Dixon
Therapist Uncensored Podcast
Why Does My Partner Podcast
Babies & Brains
Nate Feathers
Siggie Cohen
The Mom Brain Therapist
Michelle Kenney
Responsive Parenting
Sterna Suissa
Thriving Littles
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